De Castilla Road, Baker's Hill Western Australia
Mariano Jose Ramos de Castilla appears to have been born in Buenos Aires. We do not know anything of his early life until he appears in the literature relating to the freedom of South America from Spanish rule. He arrived in London about 1802 as an emissary for the freedom of Spanish South America. He married English woman Rebecca Josephine Cooke in Buenos Aires circa 1807. As one of the earliest Latin American representatives in London, Mariano Castilla became an adviser to other agents. He is believed to have died in Peru in 1837.

His descendants have spread across the world including Western Australia. I(the compiler ) am a ggg-grandson. As far as I know the only two living descendants born with the Castilla family name live in Western Australia. I am not aware of any male descendants with the Castilla family name anywhere in the world!

Mariano Jose Ramos de Castilla
Rebecca Josephine Cooke

My journey to trace my ancestors began in 2009 when I started to go through my father's notes and papers on the de Castilla family. There was very little information on Mariano, Rebecca and their children except for my gg-grandfather Henry M Castilla downwards, and some of this "family knowledge" was partly or totally incorrect.

From these sketchy beginnings we have been able to build an extensive descendancy and in specific areas pictures of their lives.