Mary Anne Greene was my Great Great Grandmother, married to Stephen Hastings Atkins.When we started our research Mary Anne Greene was a name in the family records.

We had no dates, other than that for her marriage to S.H. Atkins, or events for her life. You can imagine the surprise when we discovered that she had spent her last years in Sydney Australia where she died in 1903.

There were sketchy notes about her father Major William Greene (61st Foot) who appeared to have had an interesting military career and was reputed to have had some association with Waterloo and the Duke of Wellington. While he had fought under General Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) through the Peninsula campaign of the Napoleonic Wars he and his regiment had returned to Ireland prior to the Battle of Waterloo.

During our research we uncovered interesting information about the Greene family and so have presented it in our genealogy portfolio as the Greene Family Tree.