7 December 2020 - updates to the Broun Sewell Family, mainly in the Charles McBryde Broun section.

5 December 2021 - minor updates and corrections

3 April 2022 - updates to Broun Sewell Family. FS Castilla and Mariano Castilla stories added

23 July 2022 - Cecil McSweeney and his story added to the Atkins Family Group

8 January 2023 - Added a story to the Atkins Family Group: it's about new information linking Stephen Hastings Atkins to the Irish republican movement of the mid 1800s.

27 January 2023 - posted Henry Bussell De Castilla's prisoner of war story

13 February 2023 - updates to Shekleton within Atkins Family

24 May 2023 - corrections to one section of the Broun Family Tree